Wild Fennel Pesto in Hands

Lebanese Wild Fennel Pesto Recipe

    Many of our invasive weeds are edible including the beloved Blackberry Bush and the familiar Dandelion weed. Wild Fennel is a common weed originating from the Mediterranean, and while it resembles dill, it offers a distinct anise, or licorice, aroma and flavour. I love making a big batch of this wild fennel pesto in…

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Roasted Rhubarb Apple Crisp in Blue Bowl with Baking Tray

Roasted Rhubarb Apple Crisp – 6 Ingredients [GF]

This roasted rhubarb apple crisp recipe is so simple – with only 6 ingredients and minimal prep time. The crisp topping is based on oats, and uses oat-flour from blended oats. It is free of refined flour and refined sugar, and has 5 grams of fibre per serving. In a conventional rhubarb crisp, the rhubarb…

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bowl of roasted vegetables with baking tray in back

1 Pan Healthy Roasted Vegetable Dinner

This simple 1-pan healthy roasted vegetable dinner is just that – roasted vegetables, one pan, a simple dinner. Adding some canned chickpeas and a creamy dressing completes the meal. Easy and low-maintenance, this dish is a great way to use up leftover vegetables, and the best part is, no recipe is needed!   Getting comfortable…

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